War Stories

I participate in the Honor Roll Projecthttp://honorrollproject.weebly.com/, conceived and maintained by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy. My contributions to the project.

Indian Wars

Revolutionary War

War of 1812

Civil War

  1. Civil War Guerrilla Partisans: Mosby's Rangers
  2. Died of Sickness During the Civil War
  3. Georgia Salt Manufacturing Company
  4. 19th Virginia Infantry: After the War
  5. Mapping the 19th Virginia Infantry: June 1863-April 1865
  6. 19th Virginia Infantry: Defending Richmond
  7. 19th Virginia Infantry: Gettysburg and Pickett's Charge
  8. Mapping the 19th Virginia Infantry: September 1862-May 1863
  9. 19th Virginia Infantry: Fredericksburg and North Carolina
  10. 19th Virginia Infantry: Battles of South Mountain and Sharpsburg
  11. Mapping the 19th Virginia Infantry: August-September 1862
  12. 19th Virginia Infantry: Battle of Second Manassas
  13. 19th Virginia Infantry: Seven Days Battles
  14. 19th Virginia Infantry: Peninsula Campaign
  15. Mapping the 19th Virginia Infantry: January-August 1862
  16. 19th Virginia Infantry: First Winter Camp
  17. Mapping the 18th Virginia Infantry: 1861
  18. 19th Virginia Infantry: First Blood at Manassas
  19. Freeborn v. The Protector, 1872: The Civil War Ends in Court
  20. First KIA in the Civil War
  21. Clashing with the Governor 1860s Style
  22. 1st Lieutenant Israel S. Stonesifer
  23. Died at Elmira POW Camp
  24. A Soldier's Experiences in Southern Prisons, Part III
  25. A Soldier's Experiences in Southern Prisons, Part II
  26. A Soldier's Experiences in Southern Prisons, Part I
  27. Killed Twice?
  28. 26th North Carolina Regiment at New Bern
  29. Confederate War Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery
  30. Second Bloodiest Day of the Civil War
  31. Captured at Waynesboro
  32. North Carolina Monument at Gettysburg
  33. Henry Tucker and the Georgia Secession Convention
  34. A Gift in my Inbox
  35. Battle of Seven Pines
  36. Battle of New Bern
  37. A Lover, Not a Fighter
  38. River of Death: Battle of Chickamauga
  39. Battle of Chickamauga 150th Anniversary
  40. Six Brothers Go off to War

Spanish-American War

World War I

World War II

  1. World War II Army Awards and Decorations
  2. Manhattan Project Hanford Site
  3. Women's Army Corps (WACs)
  4. Killed in Okinawa
  5. 7 Tips When Researching U.S. Army World War II Soldiers
  6. Understanding the U.S. Army World War II Infantry Division
  7. Army Campaign Streamers
  8. Fortress Metz and 5th Infantry Division
  9. (Guest Blog) Long, Bloody Battle for Metz
  10. Cousins: Served Together, Died Together
  11. Killed in Belgium in Heaving Fighting
  12. (Guest Blog) When Pursuit Comes to an End
  13. Killed During the Battle of Guam
  14. The Clydebank Blitz
  15. (Guest Blog) Flung to the Far Corners of the World
  16. (Guest Blog) When Things Went Sour on the Sauer
  17. The Sinking of the S/S Katha
  18. They Called It Ireland
  19. The GIs Best Friend
  20. (Guest Blog) First Shot at Pearl Harbor
  21. (Guest Blog) On Patton's Flank
  22. Commander, Seventh Army
  23. Life Aboard the Blue and Floyd B Parks
  24. Life Aboard the Alcor and Harry Lee
  25. Crossing the Line Ceremony
  26. A Savior of the USS Indianapolis Survivors
  27. (Guest Blog) Saga of the Lost USS Indianapolis
  28. (Guest Blog) 70th Anniversary of D-Day
  29. Historic Assault Crossing of the Rhine River
  30. (Guest Blog) "Stay Alive in `45"
  31. Medal of Honor Ancestor
  32. Randall Breedlove's War
  33. Escaping from Eastern Germany
  34. There's a Nazi in the Family
  35. Living in War-torn Europe

Korean Conflict

Vietnam War

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