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52 Ancestors #12: John Beard (c1705-1780): A Man of Means

Ancestor: John Beard, six times great grandfather
Haplogroup: I-M253

Today, I begin writing about my Beard ancestors and the families allied to them through marriage. John Beard was the three times great grandfather of my great grandmother, Effie (Beard) Jennings.

Beard Direct Ancestors with Allied Families (Ancestral Reference Number System
identifier in lower left corner); created using Microsoft PowerPoint

When I took over Dad's genealogical research, Dad had recently discovered the maiden name of his grandmother, Effie, and that she had been born in Bedford County. He did not know who her parents were. In 2013 my brothers and I took the autosomal DNA test offered by Ancestry. One of the first matches I was able to resolve that did not have an already identified common shared ancestor was to a family tree with extensive information about the Beard family. That tree and others provided direction to my Beard family research and eventually I was able to prove my descent from John Beard (1705-1780).

Peter Viemeister, author of From Slaves to Satellites, had this to say about John Beard:

"John Beard's grandfather, Richard Beard, had come to Virginia back in the 1600s...John and son Adam Beard were paying taxes in this region as early as 1748, before Bedford became a distinct county apart from Lunenburg. John was a man of considerable resources: the evaluation of his estate revealed him to be worth several million in today's terms."

Peaks of Otter and the Town of Liberty, Edward Beyer, oil on canvas; courtesy

Later Viemeister wrote, "The Beards brought British heritage..." Did Viemeister mean the Beards were English?

A different theory of Beard origins, and one to which I subscribe, indicates they were Scots and perhaps John's grandfather took what became known as the Great Wagon Road through the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia and eventually he or his descendants settled in Lunenberg County. Later Beard descendants were members of a Presbyterian church and they intermarried into Scots-Irish families in the area. The Presbyterian Church was the national church of Scotland at the time and had been for several years when John Beard was born.

It is not known where John Beard was born or exactly what year. Some secondary sources indicate he was born between 1705 and 1710 and that his father was named Matthew.  A possible land record indicated he was the son of Thomas. John married a woman named Elizabeth, but her maiden name is not known. They had several children, including one son. When John Beard settled in Lunenburg County, it was frontier country. The settlements developed by European Americans were widely scattered. The settlers worked hard to clear land and establish productive farms.

In 1750 John deeded 150 acres on Reedy Creek to William Rutherford "for love and affection I have for my "son-in-law." In 1755 John sold 400 acres to his son-in-law Edward Phair. The land was described as lying on both sides of Falling River including the mouth of Reedy Creek beginning at John Manley's corner.

In 1761 John, his wife, Elizabeth, and their son, Adam, were co-founders of the Peaks of Otter Presbyterian Church.

John and Elizabeth Beard likely furnished supplies to the patriot cause during the Revolutionary War. Several of John and Elizabeth's grandsons fought in the war, including David, Samuel and Adam Beard, Jr., who all served in the Virginia Militia. Samuel Beard also served in the Continental Army.

John Beard's only son, Adam Beard, who had been appointed Constable of Bedford County and had a reputation for "good sense and responsibility,"[1] died sometime December 1777. Adam's wife died the early next year. John's daughter, Hannah (Beard) Rutherford and Rachel (Beard) Phair were also deceased. When John wrote his will on 20 April 1780, he felt it necessary to provide for his grandchildren.

Primogeniture was still law in Virginia in 1780 so the eldest son of John's only son, Adam, should have inherited John Beard's land. Primogeniture only included real estate, or land, and John's will bequeathed his personal property to his his children and grandchildren. 

Last Will and Testament of John Beard; courtesy

In the name of God Amen. I John Beard of Bedford County and Commonwealth of Virginia being weak of body but of perfect mind and memory blessed by God, knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do this twentieth day of April in the year of one thousand seven hundred and eighty make and declare this to be my last will and testament in form and manner following. Viz.

And first I give and recommend my soul to God who gave it and my body to the Earth to be lived in a Christian manner. At the discretion of my Executor nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God and touching such worldly goods and estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life I give and bequeath in the manner following. That is to say --

First I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth Beard my true and loving wife my negro woman Moll during her life and after her death I give and bequeath said wench to my granddaughter Elizabeth Campbell and I give and bequeath my negro Will to my daughter Elizabeth Campbell. I give and bequeath my negro boy to Isabel Boze[2] my granddaughter. I will and bequeath also my negro boy Jacob to my granddaughter Rosannah Russell. I will and bequeath also my negro girl Nell to my granddaughter Jean Rutherford. I also leave to Edward Phair my former son in law the sum of five shillings. Unto my grandson David Beard I leave the sum of five shillings as also to my granddaughter Rachel Dixon the sum of five shillings. To my grandson Samuel Beard the sum of five shillings. To my grandson Adam Beard, five shillings. To my granddaughter Rachel Robinson I leave my loom with the tacklings [?] thereto belonging. I like mays bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth Beard my negro man Dik and the whole of my moveable estate not before divided such as my stock, household furniture, etc., during her life and to be divided at her discretion at her death whom I likewise appoint as also my daughter Elizabeth Campbell Executrix of this my last will and testament and I also do hereby renounce all former wills made by me or for me. In witness hereof I have hereto set my hand and seal the day and year above written.

John Beard (his mark)

Thomas W. Reynolds
Charles Hall
James Campbell

At a court held for Bedford County the 26th day of Nov 1780:
This last will and testament of John Beard deceased was proved by the oath of Thomas W. Reynolds, Charles Hall and James Campbell witnesses thereto subscribed and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of Elizabeth Beard __________ the Executrix therein named who made oath thereto certificate is granted her for obtaining probate in due form giving security whereupon she together with James Campbell, Charles Hall and Archibald Campbell her securities entered into and acknowledged their bond in penalty of one hundred thousand pounds for the said Executrix due faithful administration of the said decedent's estate and performance of his will.


J. Steptoe

I have not yet found the remaining documents of John Beard's probate package. According to Peter Viemeister, "John had been a very wealthy man. He had sold 2,106 acres of Bedford land between 1775 and 1779, most of which he had acquired before Bedford became a separate county. His estate was valued at 35,466.10 pounds sterling. In terms of equivalent amount of silver, the estate would be worth today between $2.6 and $7.9 million."

This is my entry for Amy Johnson Crow's 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. The theme for this week was "Misfortune," which I did not follow.

Using the Ancestral Reference Numbering System, John Beard is Ancestor number 288 on my family tree:

288 John Beard born about 1705 in Virginia; died before 26 November 1780 when will was proved in Bedford County, Virginia; married Elizabeth maiden name unknown.

144 Adam Beard born in 1725 in Virginia; died between 2 and 6 December 1777 in Bedford County, Virginia; married Elizabeth maiden name unknown.

288.1 Agnes Beard born on an unknown date; died on an unknown date likely in Burke County, North Carolina; married William Rutherford, widower of sister, Hannah.[3]

288.2 Rachel Beard born 1730 in Lunenburg County (now Bedford), Virginia; died before 1790 when her husband remarried; married Edward "Neddy" Phair in 1748 in Lynchburg, Virginia.

288.3 Hannah Beard born about 1735 in Virginia; died about 1755 in Virginia; first wife of William Rutherford (see sister, Agnes).[3]

288.4 Elizabeth Beard born on an unknown date in Virginia; died after 1780 in Virginia; married Archibald Campbell on an unknown date likely in Virginia.

There may be another daughter named Alce (not Alice) Beard who married Henry Brown, but she has not been proved to be a daughter of John Beard and the Brown children were not mentioned in John's will.

[1] Viemeister, Peter. From Slaves to Satellites: 250 Years of Changing Times on a Virginia Farm, (Bedford, VA: Hamilton's, 1999), pages 21-22.
[2] This was Isabel Rutherford, daughter of William Rutherford and Agnes Beard. She married Shadrach Boaz.
[3] A note on John Beard (1705-1780), former DAR Patriot, indicates that Hannah and Agnes were the same person and the correct name was Agnes.

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The enslaved named in the last will and testament of John Beard have previously been released to the Slave Name Roll Project. If you learn about named slaves in documents about your ancestors, I hope you will consider contributing.

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The Sagamore Investors: Ebenezer Burgess Warren (1833-1917)

Ebenezer Burgess Warren, who most often went by E. Burgess or E. B., was a Philadelphia businessman, inventor and real estate speculator who refined asphalt for paving purposes. He was a highly regarded art collector, mainly paintings of the Barbizon School, and philanthropist. But during his leisure time, he preferred to be out of doors, fishing or boating on Lake George in upstate New York. For several seasons, he brought his family to Mohican House in Bolton Landing, which was operated by Myron O. Brown.

Ebenezer Burgess Warren; courtesy of Warren, Jackson,
and Allied Families
on Internet Archive

Mr. Brown persuaded E. B. and a few other investors to purchase nearby Green Island. In two separate transactions, the men purchased all but two acres of the 72-acre island for $30,000 and formed the Green Island Improvement Co. The first improvement was a bridge from Bolton Landing to the island made of logs and stonework; it was completed in the spring of 1882. Construction began soon after of what the partners envisioned would be the finest hotel on the lake. The Sagamore opened on 2 July 1883 amid much fanfare. Soon after the island was purchased, four of the investors built "cottages" on the shores of Lake George. E. B. built "Wapanak," a Native American word meaning people of the morning.

Wapanak, summer cottage of Ebenezer Burgess Warren, built on the southern
shore of Green Island; courtesy of the Bolton Historical Museum

E. B. owned the steamship Ellide which was timed at 40.2 mph in 1900, not only the fastest boat on the lake but also in the world. In a biographical piece about E. B. Warren The Glens Falls Times wrote in 1905, Warren had, "retired from business during the panic of 1873 to become -- a fisherman."

Steamship Ellide on Lake George; courtesy of The Lake George Mirror

In 1903 his daughter, Betsey (Warren) Davis published a genealogy of her ancestors entitled, The Warren, Jackson, and Allied Families. About her father, she wrote:

"EBENEZER BURGESS WARREN, seventh son and eleventh child of Jesse and Betsey (Jackson) Warren, was born 18 April 1833, at Peru, Vermont, a town on the top of Mount Bromley, in the Green Mountains, whither his parents had moved from West Dedham, Massachusetts. He received his early education at Brandon, Vermont, and at Glens Falls Academy, Glens Falls, New York.

Like his elder brothers, he much desired a higher education, but it was not until 1850 that, after filling several positions of trust in Cincinnati and Louisville for his brothers Samuel and Cyrus, he was enabled, through their cooperation, to attend Burr Seminary at Manchester, Vermont, and afterward, in 1852, Harvard College, where he took a special course in chemistry under Professor Horsford.

Upon leaving Cambridge he lived in Baltimore, Maryland, until February, 1855, when he removed to Philadelphia to engage in business with his brother, Herbert Marshall Warren, and four years later form the firm of Warren, Kirk & Co. in that city, which has since been his home.

In 1865 Mr. Warren established a manufactory of hydrocarbons in Washington, DC, and was one of the first to refine Trinidad Lake asphalt for paving purposes, and was interested in laying the first successful asphalt paving, which was laid and generally adopted in Washington, but has since been the principal paving material of the large cities of the United States.

In 1866, foreseeing that the section of Walnut and Spruce streets west of Twentieth Street, in Philadelphia, would become the most desirable in the city for residences, he purchased real estate on Spruce Street above Nineteen Street, and also west of Twentieth and Twenty-first Streets, and erected costly dwellings upon all this land, some of which had been given over to a most objectionable, even disreputable settlement of people, known as the "Schuylkill Rangers," which were a menace to the neighborhood. Four years later he purchased many vacant lots on Walnut Street west from Nineteenth to Twenty-second Streets, building also upon these dwellings of greater value than any which have been built for sale in the city up to the present time. These dwellings numbered more than forty, and their total value was about two millions of dollars. This undertaking was considered at the time an enormous venture for a man of only thirty-two years, but the results have shown the wisdom of his foresight.

The constructive ability which was also thus demonstrated has made Mr. Warren sought for upon building committees in many charities. He was especially active in the building of the Hayes Mechanic's Home, the Hahnemann College and Hospital, and the Church of the New Jerusalem, Twenty-second and Chestnut Streets, of which building he was one of the original projectors.

Mr. Warren was educated as a Congregationalist, in the old-fashioned strictness of New England, and was named for his father's pastor at Dedham, the Reverend Ebenezer Burgess. He became interested, however, in the writings of Swedenborg and the doctrines of the New Church, through his brothers, who had already become members of that Church, and he himself became a member in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1853, and has since given his aid and encouragement freely to many churches of the organization besides that to which he was personally allied.

Mr. Warren is perhaps most widely known as an art connoisseur and collector. His interest in art began with his first leisure moments, about 1873, and he has since then aided art in all its branches in Philadelphia, through personal encouragement, and in his numerous official positions...

...Mr. Warren has been a director of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts twenty-four years; vice-president of the Art Club, 1898 and 1899, having also been one of the incorporating members. A member of the Union League for many years, he was director in 1900 and 1901, is at present chairman of the Art Committee, and is one of the Committee on Works of Art of the trustees of the Fairmount Park Art Association. He was at one time president of the Hayes Mechanics' Home, and has been for many years a manager of the Hahneman Hospital, of which he was elected vice-president in 1901. He was one of the original members of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, and a member of the Philobiblion Society, the Sons of the Revolution, the New England Society of Philadelphia, having served as vice-president 1899 and 1900, a member of the Philadelphia Country Club, the New York Yacht Club, and the Ardsley Club upon Hudson. Since 1867 Mr. Warren's winter home has been one of the houses which he built on Spruce Street, and since 1875 he has made his summer residence at Lake George, where in 1882 he built his cottage "Wapanak" on Green Island.

He married, at Philadelphia, 21 January, 1858, Emma Bolton, daughter of James Murray and Mary Elizabeth (English) Bolton, whose families were among the original Friends in the settlement of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and of Burlington County, New Jersey. She was born on 7 August 1837, at her father's country home on the Schuylkill River, near the present Fairmount Water Works.

Children of E. Burgess and Emma (Bolton) Warren, born at Philadelphia:

I. MARY BOLTON WARREN, born 27 May 1859;  married, 30 December, 1884, Lieutenant Frederick Wooley, USA, son of Doctor Preston W. and Letitia Anne (Hearne) Wooley, born at Albemarle, Stanley County, North Carolina, 19 September, 1852. They reside at 121 East Thirty-fourth Street, New York City. Issue:
     A. BURGESS WARREN WOOLEY, born at West Point, New York, 3 January, 1886.
     B. FREDERICK HEARNE WOOLEY, born at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 16 January, 1889.
     C. MARY BOLTON WOOLEY, born at New York City, 19 March, 1900. 

II. CAROLINE PEROT WARREN, born 7 December, 1860; one of the board of managers of the National Society of the Colonial Dames our America, the City Parks Association, the Presbyterian Hospital, the Eurydice Chorus, and member of the Civic Club of Philadelphia. She married 1 June, 1887, the Reverend Doctor Louis FitzGerald Benson, son of Gustavus and Margaretta FitzGerald (Dale) Benson, born at Philadelphia, 22 July, 1855. They reside at Philadelphia. Issue:
     A. CAROLINE WARREN BENSON, born at Germantown, Pennsylvania, 11 April, 1888.
     B. MARGARETTA FIZGERALD BENSON, born at Germantown, Pennsylvania, 27 February 1894.
     C. BARBARA ENGLISH BENSON, born at Bar Harbor, Maine, 28 July, 1897.

III. WALTER MOORE WARREN, born 19 June, 1862; died 28 July, 1862.
IV. BETSEY WARREN, born 24 October, 1867; married 29 November, 1892, Isaac Robert Davis, son of Edward Morris, Jr., and Sarah Louisa (Gibbons) Davis; born at "Chelton," Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 13 November, 1864. They reside at 2015 Spruce Street, Philadelphia. Issue:
     A. ISAAC ROBERT DAVIS, JR., born 26 January, 1895.
     B. BETSEY WARREN DAVIS, born 29 May, 1900.
     C. BURGESS WARREN DAVIS, born 13 October, 1901.
V. CHARLES BOLTON WARREN, born 25 May, 1869; died 29 February, 1871.
VI. HELEN WARREN, born 19 July, 1879."

E. B.'s wife, Emma, died 6 June 1906 in Philadelphia of heart disease. She was interred at Laurel Hill Cemetery. E. B. died 26 January 1917 in Philadelphia also of heart disease and was buried beside his wife. The summer cottage on Green Island still exists and is owned by The Sagamore. It may be rented by the resorts guests.

Ebenezer Burgess Warren was a member of the eighth generation of descendants of Arthur Warren, who was born in 1613 in England and settled in Weymouth, Massachusetts, before 1638. He acquired several acres of land and when he died on 6 July 1658 was a prominent citizen of the colony. He and his wife, Mary, had five known children, all born in Weymouth:

     A. ARTHUR WARREN, born 17 November 1639.
     B. ABIGAIL WARREN, born 27 October 1640.
     C. JACOB WARREN, born 26 October 1642.
     D. JOSEPH WARREN, living in 1671.
     E. FEARNOT WARREN, born June 1655.

II. JACOB WARREN, born 26 October 1642 in Weymouth; died 1722; married 27 June 1667, Chelmsford, Massachusetts, Mary Hildreth, daughter of Richard Hildreth, born 1 September 1650, Cambridge, Massachusetts, died 17 December 1730, Chelmsford. Issue born in Chelmsford:
     A. JACOB WARREN, born about 1668; died at Plainfield, Connecticut, 3 September 1727; was one of the founders of Plainfield; deacon of the church; married Sarah _____.
     B. JOSEPH WARREN, born 25 October 1670.
     C. ELIZABETH WARREN, born 3 March 1674; married 17 July 1695, Nathaniel Blodgett.
     D. EPHRIAM WARREN, born 24 June 1680; died at Killingly, Connecticut; will proved 4 May 1747; was one of the founders of Killingly; captain of Killingly train-band, 1729 until his death; married before 1792, Abigail Burnham.

Original Warren homestead in Chelmsford, Massachusetts; courtesy of
The Warren, Jackson, and Allied Families

III. DEACON JOSEPH WARREN, born 26 October 1642; married 11 March 1696, Ruth Wheeler, daughter of Sergeant Thomas Wheeler, of Concord, Massachusetts. Issue born in Chelmsford:
     A. ELIZABETH WARREN, born 9 December, 1700; died 30 December 1765; married Benjamin Parker; publishment, 18 February 1721.
     B. JOSEPH WARREN, JR., born 5 April 1699.
     C. JACOB WARREN, born 13 December 1700; died 1754; married, 1721/22, Ruth Stratton.
     D. THOMAS WARREN, born 5 March 1704; married, 1725, Esther Adams.
     E. EPHRAIM WARREN, born 6 December 1707; died 1799; married Esther Parker. He removed to Townsend, Massachusetts, about 1773, and was the father of General Ephraim Warren of the Revolution.
     F. RUTH WARREN, born 23 August 1711.
     G. JOHN WARREN, born 25 July 1714; married Elizabeth Howard; chosen deacon of the Chelmsford church in 1649; removed to Townsend in 1764.

IV. JOSEPH WARREN, JR., born 5 April 1699, Chelmsford; married Tabitha Parker, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah (Howard) Parker of Chelmsford on 18 July 1721/22. Issue born at Chelmsford:
     A. JOSEPH WARREN, born 24 August 1724.
     B. TABITHA WARREN, born 10 June 1727; married 7 February 1751, Josiah Burdge, of Townsend.
     C. BENJAMIN WARREN, born 30 August 1729; died 28 August 1800; served in battles of Lexington and Concord; married 1754 Isabel Farmer.
     D. SARAH WARREN, born 30 July 1733; died 11 August 1799; married 1755, Lachias Richardson.
     E. MARY WARREN, born 13 April 1736; married 29 April 1767, Abel Spalding.
     F. RUTH WARREN, born 4 September 1741; died 4 February 1804; married 26 April 1744, Joseph Emerson.

V. CAPTAIN JOSEPH WARREN, born 24 August 1724, Chelmsford; died 17 March 1792, Chelmsford; married 1) 15 April 1752, Joanna Fletcher, daughter of Josiah and Josanna (Spalding) Fletcher, and 2) 23 February 1769, Sarah Osgood, daughter of Jospeh Osgood. Issue born in Chelmsford:
     A. JOANNA WARREN, born 6 April 1753; married 1777, John Spalding.
     B. JEDUTHAN WARREN, born 24 November 1756.
     C. JEREMIAH WARREN, born 23 February 1763; died 20 September 1810; married 1 October 1789, Rachel Spalding.
Child of Capt. Joseph and Sarah (Osgood) Warren:
     D. JOSEPH WARREN, born 7 December 1769; died 9 February 1858; married, 27 February 1794, Mary Spalding.

VI. JEDUTHAN WARREN, born 24 November 1756, Chelmsford; died 28 October 1841, Westminster, Massachusetts; fought in the Revolutionary War as a volunteer in Capt. Ford's company in a regiment of Massachusetts Militia from 30 September to 8 November 1777; married 22 July 1779, Joanna Moors, daughter of Simeon and Joanna (Thorndike) Moors. Issue born at Westminster:
     A. POLLY WARREN, born 31 November 1780; died 1847; married Timothy Downe and resided at Fitchburg, Massachusetts.
     B. JOSEPH WARREN, born 17 December 1781; was lost at sea when a young man.
     C. JESSE WARREN, born 23 January 1784.
     D. EZRA WARREN, born 28 FEBRUARY 1786; died 21 January 1796
     E. JEDUTHAN WARREN, born 5 March 1788; died 7 May 1860; married Lydia K. Osborne and resided at Westminster.
     F. MICIAH WARREN, born 23 September 1790; died at Rushville, Illinois, 10 April 1864; married near Hilham, Tennessee, 1 January 1822, Mary Durant, daughter of Edward Durant.
     G. SIMEON WARREN, born 27 May 1794; married twice but names of wives not ascertained.
     H. JOANNA WARREN, born 15 October 1796; died 1882; married Ephraim Osborne and resided at Fitchburg.
     I. EZRA WARREN, born 9 October 1799; married Mary Ann Pitts.

VII. JESSE WARREN, born 23 January 1784, Westminster; died 18 June 1854, Fitchburg, Massachusetts; 20 September 1807, married Betsey Jackson, daughter of Oliver and Mary (Pierce) Jackson. Isssue:
     A. JOSEPH RUSSELL WARREN, born 15 December 1808, Westminster; died 13 February 1809.
     B. MARY ANN WARREN, born 18 December 1809, Dedham, Massachusetts.
     C. JOSEPH WARREN, born 3 February 1812, Dedham.
     D. BETSEY WARREN, born 17 February 1814, Dedham.
     E. ELVIRA WARREN, born 10 February 1817, Dedham.
     F. JOHN WARREN, born 11 September 1819, Dedham.
     G. SAMUEL MILLS WARREN, born 12 February 1822, Dedham.
     H. CYRUS MOORS WARREN, born 15 January 1824, Dedham.
     I. HERBERT MARSHALL WARREN, born 16 January 1927, Dedham.
     J. HARRIET NEWELL WARREN, born 9 January 1830, Peru, Vermont; died 19 September 1869, Fitchburg.
     K. EBENEZER BURGESS WARREN, born 18 April 1833, Peru.

West Dedham homestead of Jesse Warren; courtesy of The Warren, Jackson,
and Allied Families

Davis, Betsey Warren. The Warren, Jackson, and Allied Families Being the Ancestry of Jesse Warren and Betsey Jackson, (Philadelphia, PA: J. B. Lippincott Co., 1903), pages 1-284.

Gates, William Preston. History of The Sagamore Hotel, (Bolton Landing, NY: W. P. Gates Publishing Co., 2015), pages 1-52.

Christmas Eve at the Sagamore